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Road Markings Machines Papua
Road Markings Machines Papua

Sell Road Markings Machines Papua

Specification of Road Markings Machines Papua

Road Markings Machines Papua
Landmark road or road markings is a sign/symbols that are on the road surface or above street level.
The type or variety of landmark street or road markings:
The horizontal line
Horizontal bands
Angle lines

Applicator road markings Machines scattered throughout the Streets Landmark already Indonesia, ranging from Aceh, Bengkulu, Medan, Palembang, Padang, Pekanbaru, Lampung, Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Surabaya, Manado, Mataram, Borneo, Sulawesi, Moluccas, New Guinea, Ambon, Balikpapan

Road Markings Machines Papua
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Road Markings Machines Applicator Road Markings
Brand: HORJA MJ 7
Tube material: Double stainless steel Jacket
Bottom plate of material Mild steel Tube Sockets
Material: Mild steel
Material: stainless steel Dispenser
Paint tank capacity: 75-100 Kg
Kapasitas the tank Glass Bead: 10 Kg
Shoe Markers: Width 12 cm and 30 cm
Dispenser: Width 12 cm and 30 cm (automatic)
Fuel: LPG Gas
Dimensions (l x p x h): 1300 x 800 x 900 mm
Overall weight: ± 150 kg
Equipped with Gas Lighter Refillable
Regulator LPG (High Pressure)
Optional 12 kg gas cylinders

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