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Outomatis Thermoplastic Road Markings Machines

Sell Outomatis Thermoplastic Road Markings Machines

Specification of Outomatis Thermoplastic Road Markings Machines

Sell Outomatis Thermoplastic road markings Machines is a tool to create a line on a highway or street painting machine.

Sell Thermopla Road Markings MachinesOutomatis STIC
Brand: HORJA
Engine: 15 HP 4-Stroke air-cooled engine
Cat pumps: Single (type I) or double (type II) Vertical Plunger Pump External abrasion resistant. Max flow 20 L/Min 20 mpa (working pressure: 8-12 mpa).
Structure: High-power Integrated Welded. Hydraulic Pump Machine.
Spray width: 100 – 450 mm (Max width 1000 mm can be extended to suit the needs of users)
Dispensing (Spraying) System: Equipped glass beads dispenser (type A) or spraying (type B) system.
Control System: Equipped System TT-micro KZ300 electronic control
Pre-Marking System: System Pre-synchronous with Marking job spraying, increase the efficiency of construction
Size And Weight:
Type IA: x 1130mm (L) 1290mm (W) × 1410mm (H); 380kg.
Type IB: x 1110mm (L) 1260mm (W) × 1410mm (H); 455kg.
Type IIA: x 1110mm (L) 1280mm (W) × 1410mm (H); 650kg.
Type IIB: 1110mm (L) x 1380 mm (W) × 1410mm (H); 735kg.
Tank Thermometer
Spraying Gun: Electronic (type A) or Pneumatic (type B)
Gun Bracket: Bracket folding automatically is similar to the road surface. Spray width can be adjusted freely before or in the work of the spraying.
Guide Rod: adjustable guide rods of Galvanized.
Available Paint: water-based, solvent-based paint cold dandua components (type II) cat
Paint Tank: Equipped with double the paint tank with a capacity of 150 kg per tank and hydraulic automatic stirrer.
Cleaning System: Equipped cleaning device for cleaning the spraying system as a whole.