PD.Karya Mitra Usaha - Jual Mesin Pertanian dan Furniture Laboratorium Lemari Asam
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PD. Karya Mitra Usaha

PD.Karya Business Partners We Sell And Producing Equipment and Agricultural Machinery, Equipment and Farm Machinery, Equipment and Machinery Livestock, Tool and Machine Fisheries, Laboratory Equipment Agricultural Equipment Animal Husbandry Laboratory, Laboratory Equipment Fishing Equipment, Civil, Tissue Culture, Engineering brick-paving blocks, Marka Street Etc. We already Tens Year Fall In Producing And Selling Tools And Machinery TSB We have a workshop which is spacious and technicians who are reliable and supported by Management of the company is good. PD.Karya Business Partner is one of the leading agricultural machinery manufacturer in Indonesia, and the cheapest company and quality and best service. We are ready to supply to parts of the country and supported the expedition of reliable and timely. PD. Mitra Karya has experienced more than 10 years and the machines that we sell are used by farmers, entrepreneurs, department of agriculture, and farmers' groups. We are very competent and ready to partner with you. PD.Karya = Business Partners Government Partners Friends of Farmers